Monday, 11 November 2013

Acting Once in a While.

Last night I dusted off my Acting boots and flexed those old muscles for a wonderful fundraising event at the Battersea Barge.

The event was a great success, it was hosted by my extremely talented friend Emma Trow (@inventionem) in support of Pitgems. Next year they will be performing the musical Elegies: For Angels, Punks and Raging Queens and we managed to raise some cash to go towards it. A more supportive crowd you couldn't have wished for; friends, family, students and professionals alike. There was stand up comedy by Thomas Hewitt (@TJ_Hewitt) Mentalism and psychological illusion by Sam Lupton (@samlupton) and incredible musical theatre and commercial music performances by wonderfully talented singers, songwriters and actors. My job was performing the opening monologue to the show Elegies, no pressure then. Thankfully, it went well and set up the singers well to (just about) close the show. 

I think I become more and more terrified of acting the better I become as a teacher. The self imposed pressure is somewhat on considering I teach acting, therefore if I was crap at it questions would surely be asked. When I am teaching, I do my best not to act in front of my full time students, I don't think they need to see me act. If anything I think it's damaging, what if they form an opinion or judgement based on my ability? Surely that would then affect their acceptance of the techniques I teach? Perhaps I overthink, though I certainly think it should be about them and not about me. 

That being said I did enjoy performing last night. There's nothing to replicate the feeling. Especially when you walk away satisfied with the work you did.  I do want to keep in touch with the actor in me, just in case that ever became a viable option.  

In the meantime, let's keep sharing good technique and developing actors the right way. 

On a personal note, there's nothing like having a night of sharing in the unimaginable talents of your friends. It's crazy to think how far so many of us have come since saying 'this is the life we want to lead'. And that goes for the friends who couldn't be there too. There's something about Emma Trow that has an irresistible pull to bring so many people together in such a great way. For one, she is ridiculously talented. A fantastic teacher, writer, composer and director. An all round creator. And we want to be there to share in her talents. As well as that, she taught many of us singing at some pivotal moments in our lives. A relationship with a singing teacher is very personal, because singing is, especially for musical theatre performers, you expose yourself so much, so that connection with your singing teacher is massively important. And I don't think any of us want to let go of that. Beyond that, she became a friend to so many if us, you can't ask for anything more. You can keep track of her work and new writings, including Elegies, and her new musical Inking, which will be at the Camden Fringe in 2014 by following her on twitter or her website

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